Monday, January 5, 2009

Video Game Violence

I love his game reviews on X-Play. I would attend a lecture if he gave one. I like his sense of humor as well as common sense approach.

What do you think has had the biggest role in our desensitization to violence? What medium has the largest impact on children? Maybe you believe the media has no impact. Thoughts?


xemefex said...

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The Analytical Diva said...
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The Analytical Diva said...

I love video games (Nintendo all the way for me), and Adam Sessler's perspective is well taken, and quite logical.

I do think media can at least have an indirect role by flashing harsh images at us that we then internalize. However, in the end, video games are not solely responsible for the tragedies and acts of violence that take place everyday. No, that takes a lot more than the video game world. That's human nature.

Anonymous said...

you have a man crush on adam sessler? *side eye* ok, B, haha.

anyways, i think the whole violence in the media affects children thing is BS. parents need to take more responsibility instead of blaming it all on other people. of course, there are some things that are violent, those are for adults & mature people, not kids. & if your kid's stupid enough to act out something he saw on tv, then you need to beat him severely, haha.

p.s.- you can comment on my blog now. :D