Thursday, January 1, 2009

9th Wonder To Start 2 Record Labels in '09

This sounds like a nice start to 2009 if this actually comes to fruition.

Swiped from The Lawn:

2009th Wonder . . . and WHAT a run it will be......

Whaddup yall, its your friendly neighborhood 9th Wonder here. I hope and trust everyone had a fantastic NYE, and will have a fantastic 2009. 2008 has been a crazy one from a musical and personal standpoint for me. I found out that every brother ain't your brother, amongst other things, but as my pastor said last night up in the tabernacle....."don't look back".......

Over the last 7 years since Phonte, Big Pooh, and I first made our run for it(thanks Eccentric for NOT listening to us and giving Brainchild the jams to put on, it has been ONE incredible ride. From a Questlove endorsement, to tons of media cosigns, to nay sayers, to all the fans, Little Brother built a legacy that will always be talked about, debated upon, and everything else under the sun, but it definitely was a run for it. Individually we all made our run for it, and will continue to do so, still striving to create great music for your ears. I can honestly say fads have come and gone, but the premise of good music have stayed our mission throughout.

In the past I have NEVER been big on TV time, nor being "known" from a visual standpoint, which is a deal breaker for ALOT of artists. We as Okp's tend to forget that we as music lovers are the CRAZY minority. People see music and don't even listen, they will fall in love with the look before the music, which prolly makes up 80% of music buying Americans(we gotta see it to believe it, sad to say). Just as an experiment, I got a driver for my college homecoming this year, AND had someone call to ALL the parties to put me on a list plus 6. The response was soooo overwhelming, to the point where someone asked me "man, you really DID do a joint for Erykah Badu huh...." I got STRAIGHT to the side door, move out of the way treatment, in my HOMETOWN! I never have experienced that here.


Yep, thats the world we live in....sad sad sad....

So, I decided, I must embrace this 9TH WONDER thing to the fullest, NOT become an asshole, but to embrace more of the fact that hey....I DID produce for some of the biggest artists of our generation, on some very landmark records of their careers(thanks Jay, Mary, D-Child, Badu, and Luda). In order for me to catapult any artists of mine I must assume the full role of ARTIST, because the BIGGER the name 9th Wonder is, the BIGGER they can be. The playing field is even now, so no matter if you are on a major or independent, YOU control your own destiny these days.

Starting in 2009, and with the blessings of Egon, PBW, and Dru Ha, I will be launching 2 labels at once, The Academy/Stones Throw and JamLa/Duckdown. This will be my shot, to put more music into the atmosphere, with the artists that I believe have what it takes. They are not striving to be mega PLATINUM superstars, but instead to make a noise loud enough to create a fanbase, a following, and to make money. Each label will have 2 different agendas, and 2 different paths, with an attempt NOT to cross the streams(see Egon in Ghostbusters). I believe that internet has created SO many pockets and demographics that crossing the streams will not become a factor, and each artist can reach the EXACT audience they want to reach.

That's my run for it....along with teaching, social organization involvements, and of course THE TRUE SCHOOL CORPORATION, it should be pretty fun.......

So....thats it.....feel free to comment, love, hate........

Happy 2009th Wonder to you all....

Truly Yours,
9th Wonder

9th Wonder

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