Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Reviews In A Minute: Retro Review : Nas - Illmatic

Dayrell and I are back again with another, Music Review In A Minute.  This time we are doing another one of our retro reviews.  Earlier we took a look at (MF) DOOM's Born Like This.  This time we decided to go a little further back into the archives and rate Nas' magnum opus, Illmatic.

We simply rated each song on the album on a scale of one to five stars to help come up with an overall rating.  The first set of stars in red, will be Dayrell's ratings and the second set in black will be mine.  We only rate songs. We exclude any intros, outros, skits or interludes from our ratings.

01. The Genesis (Intro)
02. N.Y. State Of Mind: *****/*****
03. Life's A Bitch: *****/***
04. The World Is Yours: *****/*****
05. Halftime: ****/*****
06. Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park): *****/*****
07. One Love: ****/*****
08. One Time 4 Your Mind: *****/*****
09. Respect: ****/****
10. It Aint Hard To Tell: *****/*****

In a stunning turn of events, Dayrell gave Illmatic a score of 93 and I also gave it a score of 93.

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