Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music Reviews In A Minute: Skyzoo & !llmind - Live From The Tape Deck

On Friday, 8thlight and I gave you another review from our retro album review series of Music Reviews In A Minute with Nas' Illmatic; but today, we are flipping the script to bring you a review of a current album release. In continuation of our current album review series, this time, we chose to review Skyzoo & !llmind's Live From The Tape Deck. I was particularly looking forward to reviewing this album with 8thlight because, initially, when I heard that these two artists were in preparation of completing an album together, I was eager to hear how it would sound in the longrun. I'm sure 8thlight will agree. Nevertheless, on to the review.

The same process resumes as always. We rated each song on the album from one to five stars to come up with the final rating. The set of red stars are my ratings and the set of black stars are 8thlight's. Only songs are rated - no intros, outros, interludes, and/or skits are included in the ratings.

01. Digital Analog: ****/****

02. Frisbees: ****/****

03. The Burn Notice:****/*****

04. Speakers On Blast: ****/****

05. Allabouthat: ****/****

06. Barrel Brothers: ****/****

07. The Winner's Circle: ****/****

08. Krylon: ****/****

09. Kitchen Table: ****/****

10. The Now Or Never: ****/****

11. Understanding Riley: ****/****

12. Langston's Pen: ****/*****

Today's round ended with a score of:

80 - From Me
83 - From 8thlight

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next round.

All feedback is welcome.

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