Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music Reviews In A Minute: Retro Review : DOOM - Born Like This

This time we have our first retro review.  During these reviews we will be taking a look at great albums from the recent and not so recent past to help establish that baseline that we talked about in our original Music Review In A Minute.  Think of it as a way to measure newer releases against albums that are widely considered great or classics.  Hell, maybe they are just considered classics by us.  First up is DOOM's Born Like This:

Dayrell's ratings are in Red and mine are in Black

01. Supervillain Intro
02. Gazzillion Ear: *****/*****
03. Ballskin: ****/*****
04. Yessir!: ****/****
05. Absolutely: ****/****
06. Rap Ambush: *****/****
07. Lightworks: ****/****
08. Batty Boyz: *****/*****
09. Angelz: *****/****
10. Cellz: *****/****
11. Still Dope: ***/***
12. Microwave Mayo: ****/*****
13. More Rhymin': ***/****
14. That's That: ***/***
15. Supervillainz: ***/***
16. Bumpy's Mesage
17. Thank Yah

81 from Dayrell
81 from me

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