Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She's No Longer My "Girlfriend"?

Today I was in the middle of my usual online travels when I happened to come across a fairly popular blog post.  The author apparently confused or conflicted with what to call his girlfriend or for that matter, what anyone in a straight and exclusive relationship should call the person that they are dating.  Now, I must admit that throughout my years on this earth I have been called many things, but normal or average guy haven't been one of them.  I'm not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I am far from garden variety.   So when I ask this question it's partly due to the fact that I genuinely don't understand what is wrong.  But, since when, and for that matter why, have the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" been considered bad things?

According to the blog I read:

The common generic term for a non-married significant other (male), but the “boy” involved gives it a bit of a juvenile feel. Sure “boyfriend” is cool when you’re 14, double dating at Dave and Busters and fantasizing about a possible extended finger bang in the backseat of an older brother’s Buick Lesabre, but it just sounds wrong to think about a 45 year old woman asking her boyfriend to rub her feet so she won’t get the gout.


Also a common generic term, but black women’s selfish need to steal “girlfriend” instead of just inventing another word for the people they dread going to Sunday brunch with have made it too ambiguous. We need some unambiguousness.

The blog goes on to list numerous other titles that range from things as silly as "mate" to things as cringe inducing as "my chick/dude".

I never thought of "boyfriend" & "girlfriend" in regards to age.  I always looked at them as a person of the opposite sex that you happened to be dating.

But, are his thoughts true in regards to the terms "boyfriend" & "girlfriend"?  Is that what you think of when you hear either term?

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Erin E. said...

I knew this would be a "Very Smart Brothers" blog post before I clicked the link lol... just another young intellectual over intellectualizing a rather simple subject. Let it be. Sheesh.

Bgats said...

I remember that post. Girlfriend & Boyfriend stand - everyone knows what they mean. If you're lucky, you'll get a glimpse of your 14 year old self.

Sepia. said...

I think it's dumb. The blog post, that is, not the terms.
And the writer probably knew it too as soon as he finished writing that little point about Black women ruining the term "girlfriend."