Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1,000s Of Words Regarding The Obama Rally

1. I suck at taking pictures.
2. My camera sucks, too.
3. I got there 30 minutes early & the choice of seats were either peanut heaven or behind him.

The jersey said Obama with the number 08. I wish I could have gotten a shot while he still had it open . . . but I was having camera issues.

The place went crazy when Dan Rooney hit the stage. At first the build up to his intro was as if it was Obama. The crowd kind of groaned when it wasn't him. But when it turned out to be Dan Rooney the place erupted. After the eruption there was a 2 or 3 minute chant of "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!!" :)


Unknown said...

I wanted to go. I really did. But, I knew I wouldn't get there until 3
and I figured the place would be packed and I wouldn't get in.

How exciting is it that you got to go.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I was geeked to be there. I was disappointed that we didn't pack the place. It was about 3/4 full. You definitely could've still gotten in. I was in line @ 2:30p. Obama didn't hit the stage until about 6p.