Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Top 10 Moments In Super Villainy

If you have followed this blog at all or know me to any degree, you know that I believe The Venture Bros. is the best thing to ever hit the Cartoon Network & Adult Swim. It very well maybe the best thing including sliced bread! Yeah, I said it! Previously Adult Swim did a top 10 list of Brock Samson's best beatdowns, but now they have blessed us with the top 10 moments of everyone's favorite super villian:

5. That Cool Spin Thing

4. Dr. Dugong

3. Charades

2. I Hate My Henchmen

1. Cold Diarrhea

Click Here For Moments 5 - 10.

1 comment:

T. Michelle Theus said...

OMG I remember seeing this cartoon one day when I was flipping through channels. Tripped me out when the wife started talking and that man's voice came out. LOL