Friday, July 31, 2009

Free & Legal Places To Download Music . . .

according to

01. iLike is a social music site which allows you to discover new music with a little help from your friends. Free downloads and the buddy system, what could be better?

02. Altsounds has a lot of streaming content, but there are quite a few quality mp3 downloads mixed in, including bands like Anberlin, Panic at the Disco, 10 Years, and Underoath.

03. tracks live recording torrents of "bootleg friendly" bands. You'll be able to find all kinds of FLAC downloads from performers like Ben Harper, Jerry Garcia, Blues Traveler, Trey Anastasio (I smell a trend here, or at least some patchouli), Radiohead, Primus, and even Tenacious D.

04. Legaltorrents is still in its early stages, but there are still a number of music and audio books available from their site.

05. Stereogum has been offering free, legal mp3s since 2006. They're all still available, along with zip and torrent file archives of previous months. The Gum Mix streams music to you while you browse, and all the tracks it plays can be downloaded.

06. SXSW is a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is, they only have one torrent file for download. The good news? It contains over 700 mp3s of bands that performed in 2007 for a whopping total of 3.1 gigs of audio. Change the year in the subdomain to get the 2006 and 2005 downloads.

07. Unsigned Band Web is a palce for, well, unsigned bands to share their music and get noticed. Just about every genre you can imagine is offered here, and they maintain charts to show you what's hot. Apparently electronica is hot. Maybe I'll stick to genre browsing. Bottom line: tons of free mp3s to download.

08. Soundclick's music page will hook you up with a ton of downloads, including more unsigned acts - like my favorite new addiction: German hip hop. I blame my scarf-wearing co-worker.

09. Honc "if you love music. The site isn't much to look at, but there's still more undiscovered goodness to be found here.

10. Garage Band is also worth checking out for more diamonds in the rough. Rub it in your friends' faces that you "heard them first."

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Joffi said...

I would add for full releases by indie artists (hard to sort through, but great stuff in there, and some known) and for tracks everyday, sometimes an EP, and alot of remixes. Also, KRCW's daily free "Today's Top Tune"

Not free unless you camp the site, but often VERY cheap and with a wide range of artists from indie to blockbuster, all (and I mean all) genres, is where I get most of my music.

PVD said...

This list is helpful to those who like to download music.

8thlight said...

@Joffi Thanks! I know made the list, but it was outside of download squad's top 10. Rcrdlbl & kcrw are definitely new to me.

@PVD Thanks for the tip site!