Thursday, July 22, 2010

NBA 2K11 Introduces The Jordan Challenge

The Jordan Challenge will allow you to try to recreate some of Jordan's greatest moments. According to 2K Sports you will be able to play as 10 different versions Jordan. Some of the moments you will have the chance to recreate are:
  • 1986 when he dropped 63 points on Bird's Celtics in The Boston Garden
  • 1992 when he dropped 35 on Drexler's Portland Trail Blazers in the first half (The Shrug).
  • 1995 when during his first comeback he traded in his tradition #23 to don #45 and drop a double nickel on the Knicks
  • 1997 The Flu Game against Stockton & Malone's Utah Jazz
  • 1998 Jordan's final game with the Bulls that featured his final shot
Since 2K Sports will be recreating 10 of Jordan's greatest games, one could only assume that the teams that his Bulls teams played against will be playable in some form or fashion as well.  The possibility of reliving my childhood through a Bulls vs. Blazers (HUGE Clyde The Glyde Fan!) redux definitely makes the underparts kinda tingly.

CNBC's Darren Rovell spoke with Jason Argent of 2KSports to get further details:
In each game, gamers are charged with different goals, including matching Jordan's point totals and shooting percentage. If you hit six three pointers in a row like Jordan did against the Trail Blazers in 1992, the virtual Jordan will shrug just like he did in real life on that night.

Two of the 10 challenges don't have specific dates tied to it.

You can play the 1991 Finals version of Jordan as well as play a game in 1990 style vs. Dominique Wilkins and the Atlanta Hawks, where gamers are challenged with holding Wilkins to 25 points or fewer.

The most challenging version of Jordan to play with likely will be the "flu game," where Jordan scored 38 points against the Jazz in what Phil Jackson would say after the game was the greatest game Jordan played.

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