Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Open Letter To LeBron . . . Not That He'll Read This

LeBron, let me start off by saying that I don't have a dog in this race. Unless Pittsburgh gets an NBA team within the next 30 minutes. I just wanted to remind you of a few things before you make your decision. Here is a question that you have to ask yourself:

Do you want to be a legend or do you want to be just another Hall Of Famer?

If you are looking to just be another Hall Of Famer, then by all means leave Cleveland in search for a title. Keep in mind that unless you are near the end of your career this kinda looks like a punk move. There is something to be said for playing your whole career in one city. Running off to Chicago might get you A title in the short term, but unless you can catch Kobe in wins you won't be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan, Bird, Magic, Russell or Jabbar.

You've already put in seven years with the Cavs. Between Kobe's Lakers, Rondo's Celtics (yeah, I said it!) & Durant's Thunder, you more than likely will not possibily be sniffing 5 titles no matter where you go. Why not stay in Cleveland and become a legend? Going to Chicago will get you a title, but frankly it will always be seen as Derrick Rose's team. If I were a betting man, the ball will be in his hands at crunch time. He's the point guard and also may become a better closer than you. Plus, going to Chicago will ensure that you will never be any better than the 2nd best player in FRANCHISE history.

If you went to Chicago with Bosh, do you think that the Bulls will be able to keep you two as well as give Rose the max contract that he will deserve in the next season or two? Why not just emulate Jordan in the way that everyone seems to forget about, taking less money in order to get the best players around him to win.

Why not just stay in Cleveland and recruit free agents to play with you? You make more money off of the court than on it. Why not bring a title to Ohio, the state that you claim to love? Winning one or two titles in Cleveland will be far more powerful than going to Chicago and adding a banner or two or being Wade's sidekick (yes, that's what you would be!) in Miami and winning one. You can't talk Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson into running with you in Cleveland? You couldn't do some damage with one of those guys?

The only team you can go to and win without looking like a sucker would be the Clippers. It's funny, they probably have the best roster already in place out of all of the teams that have been talked about. The Clippers are cursed so you might want to avoid them.

If you want to be the icon you say you want to be, your only choice is to stay at home. You can't be a legend when your hometown is heartbroken.


*Coop* said...

Nice. I totally agree with you. I'll make sure he gets this. lol
You know I thought you were about to dog the Cavs (again). My bad. :-)

8thlight said...

I don't dog! I just kick the truth to the young black youth . . . or any other race.


TOPolk said...

Solid post.

The Niftian said...

I agree with everything except the part about it remaining Rose's team if Lebron were to go to Chicago. If anything, I'd see too much ego for the "crown" there. Based on what I know about Rose from college and from what I have seen thus far, he wouldn't just acquiesce to Lebron off the gate and Lebron won't bow down to anyone, either. He'd expect to run the show, no matter where he is. I don't have a fave basketball team, so I really don't give a flip where he goes, but I would like to see him get a ring or two, but you bring up a very valiant point: no matter WHERE he goes, he'll never get the shine that Kobe's/MJ's/Bird's/so many other's fingers have...that sucks, but it's the truth, and we know it. The question is, is "King James" willing to submit to what is necessary to get at least ONE, maybe two rings and build a legacy as well? Great article, 8th...

channon.simmons said...

Co-signing on that to the fullest.