Thursday, July 1, 2010


Andreya Triana is that hidden gem that everyone needs to know about. I first heard of this British songstress on Flying Lotus's Los Angeles and to say her breathy serenade was not memorable would be a fat lie. Triana's upcoming debut album, Lost Where I Belong is something to look forward to. She has released two tracks; the first being the title song Lost Where I Belong (sadly accompanied with the acoustic guitar melodrama, yes I am really over that darn guitar) and A Town Called Obsolete. Andreya's sound is soft, tittering the lines of delicacy and strenght. I can only hope she is not a victim of "Hook Singer" (the instance where artists sound amazing on other artist's tracks compared to their own efforts, Dwele & Co). So far, a grand highlight is on Bonobo's Black Sands. Songs like Stay The Same, Eyes Down and The Keeper are just right, with a sound reaching into an ethereal sphere. If she can maintain this presence then all the world is hers.

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