Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love You, Lydia Adams!

I love you too, Regina (You're looking better than you ever have, btw). You've got another character based in Los Angeles, but you've come a long way from Boyz N The Hood & Poetic Justice. Lydia Adams of NBC's Southland is a phenomenal woman.

Her walk is mean.

She wears the hell out of her pants suits.

The eyes!!! *drools*

She's like a pit bull when she's advocating on behalf of her victims.

She's professional, not in white collar sense, but in regards to her taking her job seriously and taking pride in her work.

Lydia's such a compassionate person, which is become more and more rare in society (I know she's not real!).

I even love her hair and typically I don't really care what a woman's hair looks like as long as it isn't a bad weave or something super crazy.

Plus, she's on the best new show that I've seen on network television in a looooong time. If you're around the crib on a Thursday night or on Hulu you should check Southland out. I highly recommend it.

Your stan . . . er . . . fan,


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