Monday, April 27, 2009

Ivory Dome Gives You Asa

I still am on the " I'm over acoustic guitar, 'singing a song and being shy' " but, and it is a grand but, an exception is made when it comes to Asa(AH-SHA). The french born, Nigerian caught my attention a while ago, but appreciation for her sound was a slow build because of the acoustic guitar overload I was experiencing. The album is a gem from the"dark continent" , as the west likes to think of it, but that is a different story. Asa's self titled debut is a great effort, 360°, Jailer (Free Amazon Download) and Fire On The Mountain are the stand out English tracks for me, while Awe and Bibanke are my favourite Yoruba tracks, Yoruba being Asa's native language. Dig her tracks for societal insights and love trials

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