Sunday, June 13, 2010


If there is one man who is not afraid to deliberately express the essential, artistic freedoms of music, it is AFTA-1.

The burning anticipation we built in waiting, is now over. AFTA-1's release of FORM is finally here. Being that I’m a huge fan and have been following his music for quite sometime, I was more than excited to get my hands on this release to experience the eargasms for myself. Furthermore, to know that he puts out such good music without any major backing or label support, is truly amazing in my book. You can purchase the release in either digital or cassette tape form (yes folks, I said cassette tape). Congrats to AFTA-1 on the completion of this project, from the dope sounds to the hand painted artwork on the cover(s). He is definitely on my list of good artists, respectfully. Look forward to hearing more projects from him in the future.

01. Prelude To MeMeaningWE
02. Infinite Ways
03. Become Still
04. Trust
05. Early Ideas
06. Rain
07. Horas Largas
08. Por Detras
09. The Time In Between Suite
10. Brooklyn Sunset
11. Amor Es

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