Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guilty Simpson - Ghettodes

This past year, around the same time Madlib was creating his remix of Guilty Simpson's Ode To The Ghetto for his Madlib Medicine Show #1 release, we had Oh No remix the tracks as well, using samples from the Now-Again catalog. Oh No's collection Ghettodes is not meant as an album, but you put 14 tracks together and you might as well call it that.


01. American Nightmare
02. Piglets
03. Riches
04. Futuristic (Featuring MED)
05. What To Do
06. Rob
07. The Ghetto (Interlude)
08. The Ghetto
09. Y'all Scared
10. Dreads
11. Killer
12. Runners (Featuring Black Milk)
13. Raw (Interlude)
14. Kinda

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