Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Thoughts: Complete Non Sequiturs & Apropos Of Nothing (Vol. II)

If you were looking for a mixtape or music, this entry probably isn't for you.  This blog entry will just be my random thoughts on different things.  Some of these things with be serious and some of them with be strictly "Stuff" That May Interest Only Me.  Basically it's just a brief glimpse into my stream of consciousness. Basically it's my ode to Larry King.  Ready?

Something that I don't understand is that when on twitter and someone has a an account and they aren't even the slightest bit interested in the protected accounts that follow them. I know if anyone with a protected/private account asks to follow me, I definitely want to see their page as well. The lack of curiosity of others just surprises me at times . . . How could "hip-hop" boutiques not carry t-shirts in XXXL?  I mean most of your clientele prefer baggy or loose fit clothing so it seems that XXXL would be an obvious size to carry . . . I previously mentioned how I finally rejoined the army of smart phone users.  Well, I was bored yesterday and decided to test out it's turn by turn navigation system.  It utilizes Google Maps Navigation and requires you to download a text to speech application.  I don't know why but I was surprised it worked as great as it did.  My past experiences with GPS have many times ended with me in a shouting match with the Garmin lady.  She loved telling me to turn at the last minute possible.  We have a love/hate relationship . . . It's odd, but since coming back home I have noticed that people are far more closed off in Pittsburgh than Chicago.  They seem to only want to deal with the people they grew up with and that's it.  I don't think it's a coincidence that those friends that I have made in Pittsburgh post-high school have for the most part not been native Pittsburghers . . . Apparently a man named Thug ticked off a few people this week.  Sadly, some of those people began to take their anger out on the messenger.  I guess these same people never saw an episode of What Chili Wants?  I think the biggest issue that started everything is that people have horrible reading comprehension skills.  He really didn’t say anything that was THAT crazy.  He was talking about the kind of women that he comes in contact with.  One can only imagine the type of women that your average rapper with Thug in his name may come in contact with.  . . . It sucks when you aren't being treated the best by someone who's done a lot for you.  You don't feel the best, but you also know that you don't really have a right to complain at the same time.

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