Monday, June 21, 2010

Internets Celebrities - Stadium Status

"It's hard being a sports fan these days."

Stadium Status is a documentary which examines the rush of new sports stadiums in NYC as the latest example of an obscene national trend. New stadiums are built every year and the private businesses that own them benefit from huge sums of public money for their creation. Are we getting our money's worth?

Internets Celebrities are Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam and director Casimir Nozkowski
Featuring Neil deMause and Killian Jordan
Additional Cinematography - Ian Savage
Original Music - Bless 1

Stadium Status was funded by fans of the Internets Celebrities via Kickstarter including a sponsorship from our friends at DIYThemes -- the company behind the Thesis theme for Wordpress. We are grateful for everyone's support.

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channon.simmons said...

I don't understand how you always have things on this blog that are of my total interest but I didn't know it until you put it up. Thanx for this. You're the best.