Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Need Your Help! :(

I happened to be browsing the internetS as I tend to do and I stumbled upon some startling news from Professor Tracey. My favorite radio show/podcast will be going dark in the first half of 2009. I'm sick about this on a couple levels. First, that podcast is the reason why this blog exists. NPR's New & Notes helped me discover different blogs that revolved around the black community and the blogs that I discovered through that show led me to find even more blogs. Odds are if I have visited your blog, Farai Chideya is the reason why, either directly or indirectly. Secondly, her show was my go to source for news from a Black perspective.

Can anyone out there recommend a podcast I can use to fill this void? I prefer to listen to my news & editorials. Please? Anyone?


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trE said...

I know how you feel... Several months ago, a favorite site of mine was removed and I... am still a little heartbroken about the ordeal. Hopefully, the petition will help and something sensible can be done about bringing the show back.