Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Torae & Skyzoo - Get It Done [Live Performance]

I've been bangin' a ton of Skyzoo & Torae, lately. I recently rediscovered Sky's City's Favorite Mixtape. So that in combination with running his Greatest Flow On Earth tape into the ground, I've kinda been on Sky overload. lol Torae and Skyzoo make a great team.

The second verse of each of theirs is a tribute to DJ Premier. The way Sky works in titles from Primo songs, while Torae works in the names of artist that he's worked with is priceles! They are definitely 2 of my favorite verses in a long time.

The track appears on Skyzoo's Corner Store Classic Mixtape as well as Torae's album, Daily Conversation. I highly recommend copping that.

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